“I was at a crossroad without a map when Shawn came into my life. Shawn’s compassionate ability to connect with me was instant. He helped me identify where I want to be and helped me set a plan to get there. He has guided me in such a genuine caring way, always making me feel comfortable in my own skin. Through inspiration, determination and accountability, I feel like I am truly on my way. Shawn Nemeth is God sent and a true blessing in my life.”

 -Judith Flores, fitness expert, Houston, TX


“Shawn is one of the kindest and most trustworthy people I have ever met! As a coach, he provided me clarity and self-trust to face the challenges of my life and stay on track.” 

-Marcela Perez, Chef-Entrepreneur, Houston, TX


“Fitness coaching with Shawn has changed my life! I have more endurance and energy than ever before and reversed my diagnosis of Osteopenia.”

– Anna McKee, Attorney, Shell Oil, Houston. TX


“With Shawn, I lost 3 pant sizes, learned how to eat clean, and gained a whole new perspective on the fitness lifestyle.”

– Barry Mandel, President, Discovery Green, Houston, TX