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“Shawn Nemeth has been such a major source of encouragement and inspiration in my life’s journey. As a wellness coach, he has walked beside me as I have faced my fears and doubts. He has equipped me with the necessary tools I have needed to more greatly tap into my potential and live a more meaningful life.”

 -Erin Conley, Hair Stylist, Houston, TX  

“Before I began working with Shawn, I felt self-conscious, vulnerable, and unsure—yet determined to feel differently about myself.  With each coaching session, I learn more about myself and how to be my best—through my own well-informed choices—and to overcome my perceived limitations and obstacles.  Thanks to that, I’m living better every day!” 

-Van English, Writer-Editor, Houston, TX  

“I can honestly say that at 51, I now have more lean muscle tissue and greater strength than I did at 20. Shawn makes fitness coaching fun.; it’s one of the highlights of my week.”  

-P. Diaz, M.D. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

“Changing the way you THINK changes everything!”