Life Coach Up Close

Life Coach Up Close


From a recent press interview:

                                                                     Think better. Feel better. Live Better.

It’s a pretty basic premise, and one that’s easier said than done—until you spend a little time talking with Shawn Alex Nemeth. He offers a unique complement of skills and passions: schooled as a minister, skilled as a leader, produced by his past, and passionate about partnering with clients to help them get to better.

These days, life coaching is a catchall term adopted by many who claim to help their clients find a path or seek whatever is absent from their lives. Shawn offers something different: He’s taken that wrong turn at the fork in the road, followed a treacherous route of bumps, obstacles, and nefarious beings; and redirected himself onto a brighter course to create meaning, derive passion, and obtain success in his life. Surviving a childhood of neglect and abuse, Shawn learned to define his strengths and leverage them to elevate himself from bad to better. That’s what he strives to help his clients do.

When Shawn talks about life coaching, he speaks in terms of partnership, authenticity, and personal growth development. Perhaps a result of his pastoral training, or maybe because it’s just who he is, Shawn talks with confidence about the potential for every person to do extraordinary things.

Shawn’s brand of transformations can’t happen by completing a personality inventory and a job skills survey, meeting for two hours, and then going home, which is the premise of so many life-coaching experiences. Instead, Shawn offers coaching to a limited clientele, preferring quality, commitment, and depth of relationship over volume. Each client embarks on this very personal journey from a different place with a unique context, and each one has a unique definition of better. Bringing a host of self-awareness tools developed over years of experience, Shawn works to identify strengths, encapsulate and move beyond challenges, and help his clients break through their self-imposed limitations to live more effectively.

A gifted speaker and an inspirational leader, Shawn is happiest when he’s helping people develop insight, and sharing tools and techniques that allow them to dramatically change their lives. Sometimes the transformation takes a few months; sometimes a year; sometimes longer. The truth, says Shawn, is that personal development is a lifelong process—a process he finds exciting and inspiring. It’s only by continually developing our self-awareness and cultivating that awareness for growth that we can achieve greater meaning, fulfillment, and productivity.

Although Shawn is professionally certified by the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, his true strengths lie within. His experiences make him real; his passion and compassion make him relatable; his drive makes him successful. These make exceptional qualities for an exceptional life coach—qualities that can’t be bought through a certification process; qualities that lead to better.