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 Think better. Feel better. Live Better.

It’s a pretty basic premise, and one that’s easier said than done—until you spend a little time talking with Shawn Alex Nemeth. He offers a unique complement of skills and passions: schooled as a minister, skilled as a leader, produced by his past, and passionate about partnering with others to help them get to better.

Shawn offers something different: He’s taken that wrong turn at the fork in the road, followed a treacherous route of bumps, obstacles, and nefarious beings; and redirected himself onto a brighter course to create meaning, derive passion, and obtain success in his life. Surviving a childhood of severe trauma and abuse, Shawn learned to define his strengths and leverage them to elevate himself from bad to better. Now, that’s what he strives to help others do.

When Shawn speaks to audiences and coaches his clients, he does so with the intention to inspire and equip them to become the best version of themselves. A gifted speaker, author, coach, and inspirational leader, Shawn helps people develop insight and shares tools and techniques that allow them to dramatically change their lives. He has spoken to thousands of people throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America; he’s pastored in churches, taught in colleges, come out of the closet, started both a successful wellness coaching and a fitness coaching business, and founded the Chester Street Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to helping emotionally traumatized and abused children—all because he emphatically believes that people’s lives CAN change!

Although Shawn is professionally certified by the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching, and International Sports Sciences Association, his true strengths lie within. His experiences make him real; his passion and compassion make him relatable; his drive makes him successful. These translate into exceptional qualities for an exceptional coach—qualities that can’t be bought through a certification process; qualities that lead to better.

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“Pain drives us to discovery and self awareness.”