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Elevate your workplace performance: REFRAME IT!

What is REFRAMING? It’s emotional intelligence in action. How we feel is directly connected to how we think. Research tells us that our level of performance is undeniably linked to our emotions. How does reframing work? It targets the source: HOW WE THINK!

In a little more than one hour, Shawn unfolds an effective reframing technique, with practical exercises, that can positively reshape  workplace performance and relationships in any organization.


“The tools Shawn taught my clients had such a positive impact, they are still being applied in their workplace two years later.” 

-Victoria Filippov, Filippov Law Group, PLLC |  Houston, Texas



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“Shawn Alex Nemeth is a powerful and effective communicator. He has a way of connecting with the audience and speaking straight to the heart on a very personal level. I was inspired, challenged, and came to new conclusions about myself and the life I want to live.”  

-Aparna Anam, M.D., Pediatric Radiologist, Denver, CO


“I’ve had the privilege of seeing Shawn Nemeth speak on several occasions and one thing I know to be true, he never disappoints! He is dynamic, inspirational, and always full of great incite. As the Director for the Diagnostic Radiology and Neuroradiology program at Baylor College of Medicine, I received great feedback when bringing Shawn in as a guest speaker. He was down to earth, easy to work with, very articulate, and connected well with everyone. I highly recommend him.”

-Pedro J. Diaz-Marchan, M.D., Nueroradiologist,
Houston, TX


“Shawn has a way of drawing you in almost as soon as he opens his mouth to speak. He has an unwavering passion and an ability to communicate which is highly captivating and truly infectious. Every time I hear him speak, I’m always left wanting more.” 

-Erin Magana, Founder/CEO, OOMPH Beauty Concierge Service, Houston, TX


“When words creatively spoken in wisdom

and truth invade a hungry, teachable heart, 

new life can begin!”